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What is

Julian Prayer?

“...the goodness of God is the highest object of prayer and it reaches down to our lowest need.”
Julian of Norwich

Julian Prayer is a way of coming to God in whichever situation we find ourselves. It is a way of prayer that allows us to receive God even - or especially - in "our lowest need". It is rooted in the spiritual writings of Mthr Julian of Norwich and it is these that inform the meditations and prayers.

Julian was an English mystic and anchoress. In a small cell in a church in Norwich, she consecrated herself to a life of solitude, prayer and writing. At a relatively early age she had received a series of 'shewings' - visions of the Passion of Christ - after which she spent her remaining years writing about them and giving council to all who sought her wisdom. 

She was the first woman in English history to have her works published and she remains an invaluable source of spiritual insight and strength to many around the world.


Julian in Wantage

During the lockdowns of 2021, the parish of Wantage looked for creative ways to meet to pray. There had, for many decades, been an ecumenical Julian Prayer Meeting in the town, facilitated by a Sister of the Community of St Mary the Virgin, and some of the members from that group were keen to revive the practice. 

Even though lockdowns are no more, we have continued to gather on line, as this enables the housebound and those from other parts of the country (and occaisionally the world!) to join in. 

All are welcome, wherever you are situated. 

A guide for what to expect in a

prayer meeting

The group gathers in the ten minutes leading up to the meeting's start to chat and share. 

We begin with a stilling, followed by a reading from the works of Mthr Julian or another contemplative author.

We may use music, physical objects (eg hazelnuts), candles, etc to enhance the reading. This enables a focus for what has been heard and what will follow.

After this, we keep stillness for 10-15 minutes, usually with our cameras and microphones on, for Julian encourages us to pray through - and use - our distractions.

Following the time of prayer we might listen to some more music and then share together what God has spoken to us or our hopes and fears, or questions.

There is no expectation that anyone should share, but every member is assured that it is a safe space in which confidence is kept.

“God, of thy goodness, give me Thyself;
for Thou art enough for me,
and I can ask for nothing less
that can be full honour to Thee.
And if I ask anything that is less,
ever Shall I be in want,
for only in Thee have I all."

Julian of Norwich

mystic & author