The Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Wantage Parish is a charity, and the PCC is the legally responsible governing body. Members of the PCC are Trustees, elected from the worshipping members of both churches. The PCC meets approximately every other month. 

PCC Meeting 


Summary of the Meeting of Wantage Parochial Church Council

held on 26 July 2023 at Wantage Parish Church


  • After many years of dedicated service, David Law has stood down from the PCC. The Vicar has thanked David, on our behalf, for everything he has contributed.


  • Following the recent appeal for new PCC members to fill the vacancies, Bridget Procter has been re-elected to the PCC.


  • A large part of the meeting was given over to reviewing the impact of Around Table and considering its sustainability in the future. The Vicar and Fr. Benji had prepared a paper and presentation, respectively, reporting on what has happened thus far, and outlining the principles of the service provided by Around Table as a gift from the Church to the community.


         The Around Table project was initiated to prevent an un-necessary extension of the isolation so many experienced during the COVID lockdowns.           It has grown beyond anyone’s expectation and is currently averaging about 100 guests, who along with finding a friendly and non-judgmental               welcome, were served with a restaurant style 3-course meal. This has all happened without cost to the Parish, save for the provision of a warm             space, with most food coming free from the Oxford Food Hub, donations covering any supplementary food items that are needed, and great                 commitment from all the volunteers, particularly James Hart and Suzanne Fairlie, whose contribution has been central to the success.


         Discussions covered many aspects of Around Table, particularly its viability and sustainability, with having enough volunteers to prepare, cook             and serve on a weekly basis. The current team, especially James and Suzanne who had taken on all the preparation and cooking thus far,                       cannot be expected to carry on without a break.


         The PCC committed to continue Around Table, and to put it on a firmer long term footing, with a budget line and all donations to Around Table               going into a restricted fund to be used solely for Around Table and any events that come under its umbrella. A Steering Group will be set up to               oversee Around Table, and to ensure compliance and accountability.


  • There has been further progress on the PAD (Planning and Development) Groups; we now have convenors for all the groups, and the membership of the groups is being firmed up.

         The Connecting with the Community PAD will take on the international Parish links action.

         The PAD groups are still very much a work in progress.


  • It was proposed, and carried, that Zoe Ralston and Steve West should be appointed Chalice Bearers.


  • Fr. Benji expressed thanks to all who had been involved in the Sustainable Flower Festival, which had been very successful. It had zero-cost to the Parish and had made circa. £4000 profit.


  • The 200 Club has officially closed, and many thanks go to Dick Peters for running it.


  • Reports were received, as at all PCCs, on Health and Safety and Safeguarding.


  • The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19 September at Holy Trinity. The meeting will focus on the Parish Share and Parish Giving, as well as buildings and maintenance work, including the organ.


Janet Kingdon

PCC Secretary


Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting (Vestry Meeting) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) met on Sunday 21 May.  Below are links to the key documents, address and presentation given at the APCM.

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