Good progress with North Aisle roof repairs

The new roof on the North Aisle of the Parish Church has been finished, including new coping stones on top of the west wall. There is still some work to do on the lightning conductors and the high-level clerestory windows. Once this is finished in early February, the scaffolding will be moved inside so that the damaged plaster at the west end of the north aisle can be repaired and the whole aisle redecorated. In preparation for the interior work, the organ has been covered to keep dust out of it.

Livestreaming update

We have been livestreaming services since the start of the Covid pandemic. This has helped many people to maintain a connection to the worshipping life of the Parish when they have not been able to come to church (and during those periods when we had to close our church buildings altogether). Livestreaming has had its technical challenges and there have been some problems along the way, but there have also been lots of positive comments and appreciation for all the effort that has gone into it. For the next three months (February to April), we plan to livestream the 9.15am service from Holy Trinity Church on the first Sunday of each month (6th February, 6th March and 3rd April). Towards the end of this period, we will review the current situation and decide whether to continue livestreaming. If you have any comments or questions about our livestreaming, please contact one of the churchwardens or email the Parish office.

Interregnum News Issue 4


Dear friends,

On Thursday 13th January, Archdeacon Judy French chaired a 'Section 12' meeting, where our Parish Profile (which will be used to describe our vacancy to potential applicants) was approved without modification from the version agreed by the PCC. We will make the Parish Profile available to you in both on-line and hard copies that may be borrowed from our churches. Please bear with us, while we arrange printing, etc.

An advertisement for the position of Vicar of Wantage will be published in the Church Times, on the Diocesan website and on the Church of England Pathways website.

We are honoured to have been asked by the PCC to represent the Parish in the selection process and are engaging PCC colleagues on potential interview questions.

It is currently anticipated that interviews will be on Thursday 3rd March. The day will begin with a Eucharistic service to which all are welcome. Details to follow.

Jan and David

Covid-19 Precautions

In line with many churches, we shall continue to offer Communion in one form only.


Face coverings

You are reminded to wear a face covering in church buildings again, unless you have an exemption.