Our Parish Team

Vicar of Wantage


The Revd Benji Tyler 

Assistant Curate

John Ridgway


Pamela Allen

Parish Administrator

David Richardson 


Phil Johnson

Director of Music

Lucy Stone

Parish Administrator

Jan Ralston 


Bob Chaplow

PCC Secretary

Matt Godfrey

Parish Safeguarding Officer

David Law

PCC Treasurer

Flora Hobden


The Diocese of Oxford has produced an information leaflet detailing some of the main roles held by parish officers and giving some sense of what they involve. 

You might find it useful to learn more about the importance of these roles, and may even feel emboldened to consider standing at some point, yourself. The leaflet helps to encourage those who might fear they do not have the skills or gifts for office, and points to the support available from Church House and the area teams.

There is also a longer leaflet just about the work of churchwardens.